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Putting JALAS Safety Shoes to the test!

Would you let a forklift drive over your foot? In this video Ejendals German team and our partner Europart really puts JALAS safety boots to the test!

Sometimes it´s hard to explain all the benefits of our products just talking about them.
So, Veronika Seliger and Tina Brechling from Ejendals German team made this video toghether with our partner Europart. To really show you how Ejendals premium brand, JALAS Safety Shoes, live up to it´s reputation. Watch them simulate two situations that can occur on many different work sites.

Don´t speak German? Please activate subtitles on your YouTube account.

Accidents happens every day

42% of all occupational injuries affect the hands and feet. Ejendals specializes in preventing these injuries with the right protective equipment and that formulates our vision: Zero injuries to hands and feet!

JALAS Safety Shoes

JALAS® safety shoes maintain the highest quality, comfort and safety - features that have been our hallmark ever since 1916. The JALAS® story began in the village of Jokipii, Finland, which is still the proud home of design, development and manufacturing.

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