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Safety Never Looked So Good

JALAS VIP Safety Shoes for Business Leaders

Seamless transition

If you are a business person who frequently visits industrial or construction sites, or other environments with safety risks, you may want to consider wearing VIP safety shoes. These shoes are specially developed for management and office workers who need a business shoe that can seamlessly transition from the office to the plant floor, construction site, or other hazardous environments.

Look stylish and professional

VIP safety shoes are designed to meet safety class S3, which means they provide the necessary protection against a range of hazards, including falling objects, sharp materials, and slippery surfaces. However, they also look stylish and professional, so you can maintain a polished appearance while still staying safe on the job. 

Style and comfort

When choosing safety shoes, it's important to consider factors such as the type of hazards you may encounter, the level of protection you need, and the style and comfort of the shoes. VIP safety shoes and occupational shoes offer a great balance of protection and style for business people who want to look good while staying safe on the job.

The outfit!

This outfit was picked out by the helpful staff at PRIMO men's wear. PRIMO offers classic men's clothing with high-quality personal service! PRIMO is located in Rättvik, Sweden.

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Gorgeous brown!

JALAS VIP 2142 is a stylish and functional occupational shoe in the VIP collection. With its reddish-brown color, it adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit and pairs particularly well with a dark blue suit.

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Classic black leather

Elevate your professional style with our black leather mid-high business boots,JALAS VIP 2118, featuring a discreet pattern and top-notch safety features like a steel toe cap, textile nail protection insert, and anti-slip outsole. Available in both men's and women's sizes, stay safe and stylish both in the office and on the factory floor.

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Several unisex models

The VIP occupational shoes are also a great option for uniformed staff and service staff who work in hotels, restaurants, and similar environments. Available in both men's and women's sizes.

Wear them like Katie Holmes!

Recently, the German online fashion magazine In Style, wrote an article about how Katie Holmes was rockin´ some really cool JALAS VIP "lookalikes". Check it out here.

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