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TEGERA 8846: The World's Thinnest Cut F Glove

Experience the Perfect Combination: TEGERA 8846 – Unmatched Dexterity Meets Top-Tier Cut Protection in the World's Thinnest Cut F Glove.

At Ejendals, we're proud to introduce the TEGERA 8846 – our latest innovation in safety gloves and recognized as the world's thinnest Cut F glove. Surpassing its predecessor, the TEGERA 8845, by an impressive 50%, this glove, with a mere 0.5mm thickness, seamlessly combines exceptional dexterity with top-tier cut resistance. Elevate your safety standards with Ejendals – where innovation meets protection.

TEGERA 8846: World-Class Performance in Every Detail

Karin Hedlund, Product Manager at Ejendals, emphasizes, "With the TEGERA 8846, we provide a protective glove that seamlessly blends dexterity with top-notch cut resistance." Tailored for precision work, it ensures a barely noticeable feel, making it suitable even for those typically hesitant to wear protective gloves.

Harmony of Safety

Exceptionally Thin Gloves with Supreme Cut Protection.

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Unveiling the Features of TEGERA 8846 

Prioritizing comfort alongside protection, the TEGERA 8846 features TEGERA CRF Omni Technology for flexibility throughout the day. The PU coating on palms and fingertips, coupled with reinforced high-stress zones, guarantees maximum cut protection. Additionally, its touchscreen compatibility adds a practical touch, allowing control of machines through tablets or screen panels.

In essence, the TEGERA 8846 is more than a safety glove; it's a practical innovation that underscores Ejendals' commitment to comfortable and effective safety solutions. As industries evolve, so does safety, and the TEGERA 8846 is a prime example of progress in ensuring both protection and user comfort.

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