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High visibility gloves with touchscreen function

Smart gloves for smart phones.

Touchscreen are becoming increasingly common in many workplaces. With these gloves, you can use touchscreens without having to take off your gloves. Which is extra nice on cold days. Not that you'd want to take them off! They are comfortable, thin, flexible and have high visibility thanks to the yellow warning colour.

Two new models

TEGERA offers a wide range of gloves with high visibility combined with other functions. Here are the latest additions to the TEGERA family.

Areas of use:

TEGERA 8820 and 8821 are suitable for construction work, maintenance and repair, logistics, automotive industry, assembly and inspection.

Two customer favorites with reflectors

TEGERA 9123 and TEGERA 9128 belong to the PRO collection. Designed especially for professional craftsmen who don't want to compromise either when it comes to protection or comfort. In addition to warning color and touchscreen function, they also offer reflectors and last but not least, fantastic fit.