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Product recommendations for cleaning and housekeeping

Cleaners face risks and hazards from musculoskeletal disorders to work-related skin decease daily. The right safety gloves and safety shoes significantly reduces those risks.

We know the meaning of cleaning

Cleaning means monotonous movement patterns and some of the body's muscle groups could become overloaded.
Cleaning also means that you walk on slippery floors and therefore risk slip- and trip accidents. You need ergonomic work shoes with anti-slip soles. Shoes that not only keep your feet comfortable but also protects your knees and back. 

Cleaning involves working with hazardous substances. Cleaning chemicals can be dangerous if they come into contact with the body. It’s important you use appropriate safety gloves when handling substances. TEGERA offers a wide range of safety gloves. If your hands are sensitive we recommend our extra skin-friendly disposable gloves 858 and 842.

Waterproof gloves

Extra skin-friendly gloves

Safety gloves for dry work tasks



Functional shock absorbing materials prevent injuries to the foot and back, even when you spend long work days on your feet. The lightweight midsole with responsive cushioning ensures optimal impact distribution. And the FX2 PRO SpOc insole protects the user from repeated impact and pressure. SpOc shoes have a lining that keeps feet dry and cool.

The JALAS SpOc Collection

A game changer for people in the service sector. The shoes look good, feel good and protect you. All SpOc models are suitable for cleaning and housekeeping.

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