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Product recommendations for the food industry

When you work with preparing food, you are used to comprehensive hygiene routines. Safety gloves is an important part of that. Our job is to provide you with disposable gloves that not only protects the food from cross-contamination but also protects your hands. You also need good ergonomic work shoes that prevents slips, trips and falls.

Food safety hazards are the main causative agents of foodborne illnesses. They are capable of causing diseases or injuries to consumers which can be mild or life-threatening. If you own a food busines, you are responsible for keeping these food safety hazards controlled by ensuring that your co-workers are well-equipped with proper knowledge on food safety.

Like many jobs, food processing, require repetetive motion, which can lead to musculoskeletal disorders. Working in the food industry also means that you walk on slippery floors, handle chemicals, handle potentially dangerous machines and can be exposed to biological risks.

TEGERA safety gloves and JALAS safety shoes will make your work day safer and more comfortable.

Nitrile disposable gloves

PVC (vinyl) disposable gloves

Neoprene and PE disposable gloves

More safety glove categories for the food industry

Cold protection gloves

We offer several food approved cold protection gloves. For e.g. TEGERA 4640 which is a popular inner glove.

Heat protection gloves

We offer a wide range food approved heat protection gloves. TEGERA 484 and TEGERA 464 are two customer favourites.

Cut protection gloves

Food approved cut protection gloves for handling sharp objects.

Chemical protection gloves

Food approved chemical protection gloves keeps your hands safe while handling detergents or kitchen chemicals .

New products

Low-cut safety shoes, safety sandals & safety clogs

Safety boots and mid-cut safety boots

Occupational shoes

Further product recommendations

This page presents a small selection of products appropriate for the food industry. For further recommendations or a tailored assortment selection for your specific needs, please contact us. We are here to help!

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