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Product recommendations for the Life Sciences industry

The Life Sciences industry works to enhance human well-being. At Ejendals, we focus on taking care of the people who do this important work.

Workplace safety and employee well-being are critical factors for success in the Life Sciences industry.

Ejendals has extensive experience with helping companies protect their employees. Whether your company makes medical devices or pharmaceuticals, we will guide you to the the best and most advantageous solution based on your foot protection challenges.

Ejendals premium footwear brand JALAS maintain the highest quality, comfort and safety - features that have been our hallmark ever since 1916. JALAS shoes protects your feet but also your knees, hip and back.

JALAS SpOc, an occupational sneaker

The JALAS SpOc Collection has many models with different feautures and design.
An average workday on your feet is full of potential hazards, and even smaller strains can have long-term effects on health and wellbeing. That’s why it’s important to choose a work shoe that is certified to protect your back. The lightweight occupational shoes in the JALAS SpOc series are specially designed to do that.
All the SpOc shoes are certified according to EN ISO 20347:2012 so you can be sure that they are durable and have the safety features you need.

Safety sandals