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Foot Ergonomics - The importance of ergonomic work and safety shoes

Foot problems often develop slowly and insidiously. And the potential for foot problems increases with age. Typical foot problems are skin and toenail complaints, pain, and injuries due to abnormal stresses and strains.


The foot really is an amazing design. This relatively small body part must support, balance and simultaneously absorb any impacts. And it has to perform these tasks throughout our lives. A really tough job!
The best thing for our feet would be if we went without shoes all our lives. It would also give the foot muscles daily physical exercise. But this theory doesn’t work in practice because we have a climate and tasks that require footwear to protect, stabilise and warm our feet.


The shape of the foot is usually inherited from one of your parents. Due to the foot´s asymmetric shape, the foot measurement from width, length to girth plays a very important role when choosing a shoe.
What is crucial is the fitting that best suits your foot. Usually you can feel if the shoe fits you comfortably – if it does, you know you have found the right fit.
Studies carried out on foot shape and width shows that most people fall within a narrow, regular or wide foot type, whereas extra narrow or extra wide feet are more rare.
Nowadays you can check and receive detailed information related to your foot shape and measurement through our foot scanner (For more information : JALAS FootStop Service). In addition, you can see detailed information about your unique foot arch and pressure points and receive recommendation of preventative insole which is optimal for your foot type.


Creating the perfect shoe requires a perfectly formed Last. A shoe last is a mechanical form shaped like a human foot. It represents the anatomy of the foot, defining the ergonomics, comfort and fit for the final shoe. The last is a solid 360° model upon which every shoe is shaped and constructed. It is used by shoemakers in the manufacture and repair of shoes. Jalas has managed to create a competitive advantage from the early stages of production with a strong last design. The design is based on more than a century of shoemaking and customer knowledge – It’s been stitched into the DNA of our shoes since 1916.


NARROW/REGULAR FIT - For those who have narrow-to-normal feet.
REGULAR FIT - Fits most feet.
WIDE FIT - For those who need extra width and height.


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Scan your feet!

Jalas takes a comprehensive approach to shoes and insoles. Our Footscanner Footstop Service (FSS) provides detailed scans of your feet - arch type, pronation, pressure points and sizing.

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Materials and manufacturing are key to performance and protection. There are many technical elements that combine to make premium quality safety shoes. Every detail is carefully considered in regards comfort, safety and ergonomics. They are rigorously tested and certified, both internally and independently. Our products keep what they promise. All our JALAS safety footwear have anti-static properties in compliance with EN ISO 20345:2011.

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