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JALAS® Footwear News and Campaigns

Explore the latest news and campaigns from JALAS - Your source for exceptional work and safety footwear.


JALAS new products meet an extensive list of requirements and tests before they are released. At the top of the list are quality, comfort and functionality, closely followed by sustainability and design. Every JALAS work shoe, safety boot, work sock, insole, and other product is supported by the knowledge of JALAS' experienced teams and accredited specialists.


This is where you find seasonal selections that guide you to the very best in the JALAS portfolio.

JALAS® TIO Shoe Collection - WALK ON AIR!

Supersoft and stable all-round safety and work shoes thanks to unique Three-In-One sole. The micro air bubbles in the JALAS ® COMSOFT AIR material brings extraordinary softness. When you walk - you actually walk on air!

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JALAS Tempus

The JALAS Tempus Collection is a completely new line of Scandinavian quality safety shoes, developed especially for the European manufacturing industries. The combination of safety and comfort protects your body from both injuries and muscle fatigue.

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JALAS® models with GORE-TEX

JALAS® Exalter & Heavy Duty Series models with GORE-TEX. Waterproof for all seasons.

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