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JALAS® TIO Shoe Collection - Soft Work Shoes

Supersoft and stable all-round safety and work shoes thanks to unique Three-In-One sole. The micro air bubbles in the JALAS ® COMSOFT AIR material brings extraordinary softness. When you walk - you actually walk on air!

Introducing the new JALAS TIO technology - WALK ON AIR!

The new JALAS ® TIO Technology enables us to produce really soft and stable safety shoes for all-round purpose, that can withstand long working days without causing fatigue and pain.


Stay safe & comfortable

The JALAS ® TIO Technology together with the new Tri-Panel BOA ® Fit System is of course combined with all the other premium features you get with JALAS - safety, comfort and energy through your whole working day.

TIO stands for Three-In-One

Three unique layers become one superior sole. The manufacturing technique creates micro air bubbles that give long-lasting softness, lightness and good slip resistance.

  1. White layer - Stability to protect back and knees
  2. Yellow or blue layer - Softness for ultimate comfort
  3. Black layer - Slip resistance to walk safely



Walk on air - JALAS  ® COMSOFT AIR 

The micro air bubbles in the  JALAS ® COMSOFT AIR material brings extaordinary softness. When you walk - you actually walk on air! 

Always with JALAS Safety & Occupational footwear:

JALAS offers high grade safety and work shoes focused on creating a safer day with zero injuries, improving your overall health and wellbeing.

  • Light and breathable safety and work shoes for high comfort and relaxed feet
  • Well balanced and stable safety and work shoes
  • High ergonomics and comfort
  • Unique outsole for stability, dirt- and water resistance
  • Exceptional foot protection suitable for men and women

New look, new feel with the Tri-Panel BOA® Fit System

The new Tri-Panel BOA® Fit System improves the comfort of the shoes. The gentle and soft tightening eliminates pressure points and easily adapts to your foot for support. Your foot is locked in place to save energy when walking and working.

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