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Safety Assessment

Our unique Safety Assessment has been created to help identify potential dangers in your workplace and how to best counter them. It aims to promote a safety-first environment where productivity and employee satisfaction are championed.

The Safety Assessment, which forms a key part of our Safety Concept, involves joining you on an initial safety appraisal in your place of business, where we look at your working environment, consider the safety issues present and what appropriate protection for hands and feet your employees need to ensure the safest workplace possible. We also help you with cost efficiency by selecting the most relevant products to your company’s requirements. Just contact your local sales representative and book a visit for the Ejendals Safety Assessment Service

ESA is a unique service to help our customers improve safety, increase productivity and optimise hand and feet solutions.


  • Presentation meeting
  • Visit and safety assessment of your workplace
  • Evaluation tests
  • Safety Report
  • Follow-up meetings
  • Recommendations for an optimised product range
  • Subsequent safety assessments (generally conducted every second year)

Optimising your hand and foot protection does more than just reduce injury risks. It also has the potential to save your company both money and injury time. And because we have a pan-European presence, we offer technical support and personal service at local, regional and national levels.

Smooth deliveries

We ensure that everything works smoothly with stock levels and deliveries.