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Ejendals has during a long time built good relations with both our customers, employees, and suppliers/subcontractors. We are convinced that business relationships, when based on common values, mutual respect and trust, become the foundation of long worthy relation with sustainable growth, between Ejendals and our business partners.

The Ejendals Group Code of Conduct for Employees together with the Ejendals Code of Conduct for Business, work as norms and values for our behaviour, both internally and for our business partners and suppliers. Both these documents provide direction on how to comply with international law and obligations in an ethical, socially respectful, and environmentally friendly manner when conducting Ejendals business.


Our Code of Conduct for Business specifies what Ejendals expects and requires from our business partners, and compliance with its contents is a non-negotiable requirement. You can read and download the latest version of Ejendals Code of Conduct for Business here.


If you have suspicion or experience of a non-compliant situation, please inform us through either of the below channels.

The Report Form can be used anonymously, else use e-mail link and describe the issue (with attachments etc) and give your contact details.


We approach our diverse responsibilities with a strong sense of dedication. Our certifications stand as proud symbols, reflecting our commitment to environmental care and sound values.

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