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What Ejendals Can Do For You

Our vision is a safer day without injuries to hands and feet. Your investment in hand and foot protection will result in fewer workplace injuries, lift attendance rates and productivity, and lower your total overheads.

Our Offer

We specialise in developing, manufacturing and marketing premium safety products that protect both hands and feet. In doing so we create a safer everyday life without injuries to hands and feet. Our profound understanding of safety is invested in products that make a genuine difference in tens of thousands of workplaces in Europe and elsewhere. Through deep and intense partnership with our customers and researchers, we develop products that holds the highest standards of safety, durability and ergonomics.
Your investment in hand and foot protection will result in fewer workplace injuries, lift attendance rates and increase productivity, in combination with lowering your total overhead costs.

Our Markets

Ejendals has been a market leader in the Nordic region for many decades. Our expansion and establishment into the broader European market has seen very positive results and we aim to secure our presence on an even larger scale in the coming years.

A Reliable Partner

Our products make the everyday safer for you and tens of thousands of workplaces around Europe. Our product development is a continuous process, thanks largely to our close collaboration with researchers, suppliers and customers. Our R&D facilities ensure that every new model is better and safer in every way.

Customer Service

Customer relationships are most important to us, which is why we’re represented in the majority of European countries. This makes contacting us easy, should you need any assistance regarding hand and foot protection as well as any other service such as Safety Assessment or booking attendance to an Academy.

Quick Deliveries

”Contact us today if you need products tomorrow” was the motto of Valfrid Ejendal, our founder. We understand how important safety is and why safety measures need to be addressed instantly. Therefore, rapid deliveries are something we are known for and intend to continue.

Quality stitched into every seam

Ejendals’ underlying concept is to deliver premium quality. To this end, we own and operate our shoe factory in Finland and enjoy long-term co-operation with carefully selected factories throughout the world, removing the middleman in the process. We also have our own R&D facilities and test labs in Sweden and Finland.

Design and Function

Design and function go hand in hand with all our products. In safety products, design has a beautiful way of greatly improving the primary function. Over the years we’ve won many prestigious international design awards, among them the coveted Red Dot Award.

One injury is one too many

More than half of the total workplace injuries each year involve injuries to our extremities - hands, wrists, fingers, feet, ankles and toes.
Injured workers may require time off work, which also potentially impacts their earning capacity. The company can incur a drop in productivity and additional costs if the injured worker needs time off and rehabilitation. Through investing in the correct hand and foot protection now, you’re helping lift profitability for your company in the future.

Ejendals Safety Concept

We don’t just sell shoes and gloves at Ejendals. We offer an entire approach to safety that we call the Ejendals Safety Concept, which aims to reduce the number of workplace injuries, increase work attendance rates and reduce total costs. Our Safety Concept consists of education and knowledge sharing through Ejendals Academy, a formal safety assessment, recommendation and implementation of the correct product range, and on-going follow-up and feedback. This represents a complete approach to safety and customer service. An investment in quality safety now pays for itself in the long run.

By utilising our offer we want to secure that all people are well protected, so that they can come home to their families in good shape every day.

Anders Carlsson, CEO of Ejendals


Ejendals Safety Concept

More than shoes and gloves. Learn more about Ejendals complete Safety Concept.

To Safety Concept

Ejendals is your safety partner for creating a safer workday with professional-grade products from our brands TEGERA Safety Gloves and JALAS Safety Shoes. We also provide support in ensuring everyone in your workplace has the best solution for hand and foot protection tailored to their specific work tasks.

Quality that pays!

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Come home, in good shape, every day!

Ejendals vision is Zero injuries to hands and feet, for the benefit of the employee, the company and society.