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Quality That Pays

It always pays off to invest in high quality protection for hands and feet. And with our industry leading support network and understanding, it pays to go with Ejendals.

Are you a distributor for Ejendals? Below you'll find everything you need to assist you in selling in both Ejendals products and approach to safety.

The Ejendals Safety Concept encompasses quality products, education and safety assessments. Our mission is to help reduce the number of workplace accidents. We’re proud that our extensive knowledge, experience and products make the everyday safer in tens of thousands of workplaces throughout Europe.

It always pays to invest in high quality protection for hands and feet. It means fewer workplace injuries, increased work attendance and productivity, and in the long run, lower overall costs.

More than half of all workplace injuries are directly related to hands, wrists, fingers, feet, ankles and toes. Injured workers may need time at home, rehabilitation, suffer unnecessary pain and potentially incur a loss of income. If employees don’t feel safe when working, this can also result in reduced morale. Our Zero Injury Vision for hands and feet supports the individual, the company and the community. Through investing in appropriate hand and foot protection now, you’re raising the profitability of your company in the future.

Thanks to our deep and intense collaboration with researchers and our customers, we constantly receive insights and suggestions to refine existing products and develop new ones. The expertise within our testing and R&D teams mean you can trust that our new models are better and safer in every way.

Ejendals provides its distributors with all the necessary marketing material you need to get our products moving off your shelves. This material involves promotions aimed at specific products, seasonal campaigns, competitions and new launches, both country-specific and global. We’re committed to ensuring you have everything you need to sell our products in the best possible way.

Research & Development

Through continuous product development, comprehensive knowledge of materials and advanced research collaboration, our products always remain on the cutting edge of innovative safety products.

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