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BOA® Fit System Enhances Workfootwear Performance

JALAS® and BOA® have been longstanding partners, redefining excellence in work shoes. The innovative Tri-Panel BOA ® system, known as PerformFit Wrap, serves as the ideal fit configuration for JALAS' unique TIO shoes.

Since 2018, the BOA ® Performance Fit Lab, operating within BOA's Partner Product Innovation and Development team, has conducted over 2,000 performance tests. The level of innovation and rigorous testing demonstrated by BOA ® matches JALAS' dedication and innovation standards. This mutual commitment to excellence is one of the reasons behind the longstanding partnership between JALAS and BOA ®.

We are dedicated to working with the world’s leading brands to deliver meaningful and proven solutions that improve fit and performance. In Workwear footwear, our focus is ensuring that in the toughest weather and industrial conditions, BOA ® delivers superior stability, energy efficiency, and durability, which reduce fatigue and improve a worker’s ability to navigate often hazardous on-site situations.

Dan Feeney, Ph.D., Senior Director of Partner Product Innovation and Development at BOA ®.

Tri + Three = 10/10

Combining the Tri-Panel BOA ® configuration with JALAS Three-in-One Sole technology results in a work footwear innovation that achieves a perfect 10 out of 10 score in terms of work shoe performance and comfort.

The powerful synergy between the Tri-Panel BOA ® configuration and JALAS Three-in-One Sole technology enhances heel lock, connection between foot and sole, as well as forefoot freedom, leading to notable benefits such as increased heel hold and improved ankle stability, as evidenced by BOA ® Performance Fit Lab tests. The Tri-Panel BOA ® configuration adapts to the individual foot shape and enhances energy efficiency and endurance. 

Originally designed and rigorously tested for trail running, the innovative Tri-Panel BOA ® configuration, also known as PerformFit Wrap, extends its advantages to work footwear. The Tri-panel configuration ensures both stability and agility without compromising forefoot freedom. This configuration equips professionals in demanding environments with essential steadiness, potentially reducing injury risks and long-term physical impact. BOA's unwavering commitment to durability and its lifetime guarantee further emphasize the reliability of this cutting-edge system.

JALAS ® TIO Technology: Pioneering Comfort and Stability in Safety Shoes

JALAS TIO Technology enables us to produce remarkably soft and stable safety shoes for all-round purposes, capable of enduring long working days without causing fatigue and pain. TIO stands for Three-In-One: three unique layers become one superior sole. We pioneered this innovation and are the sole provider in the market utilizing it. The manufacturing technique creates micro air bubbles that ensure long-lasting softness, lightness, and excellent slip resistance.

  • White layer: Stability to protect back and knees
  • Yellow or blue layer: Shock absorption and softness for ultimate comfort
  • Black layer: Slip resistance for safe walking

Experience walking on air with JALAS COMSOFT AIR . The micro air bubbles in the JALAS COMSOFT AIR material bring extraordinary comfort. When you walk, you actually walk on air!

Stay Safe & Comfortable

Experience the JALAS® TIO Technology and the Tri-Panel BOA® Fit System, a match made for your comfort.

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