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Designing Tomorrow's Safety: A Glimpse into Ejendals' Creative Journey

In the world of safety product design, where historically function often takes precedence over form, Ejendals focuses on seamlessly blending safety and style

We recently had the opportunity to chat with Anna Hedvall, an Industrial Designer at Ejendals. During her time with the company, Anna has contributed to refining the design approach for our safety products, ensuring they not only fulfill their practical purpose but also embody an appealing and modern aesthetic.

The Evolution of Safety Product Design

Historically, safety products have been criticized for their clunky and unattractive appearance. Anna sheds light on the shifting paradigm within the industry, where PPE companies are increasingly drawing inspiration from the worlds of sports and outdoor product design. Users of safety products now desire a blend of functionality and aesthetics, prompting Anna to work closely with product developers to establish a visually appealing framework for Ejendals' products.


Anna Hedvall

Industrial Designer at Ejendals

Innovation and Sustainability

Beyond Anna's commitment to Safety First, prioritizing safety in every design, her passion is driven by the exploration of innovative and sustainable materials. Intrigued by Anna's creativity, we inquired about the type of glove she would create if given the freedom to 'go wild.' Anna enthusiastically shared her vision: a comprehensive safety glove collection crafted from mushroom leather—a vegan-friendly material offering a sustainable and environmentally conscious alternative to animal leather. Mushroom leather is derived from mycelium, the vegetative part of a fungus. By-products from forestry, such as sawdust, serve as feedstock for the growth of fungal mycelium, which can be harvested within a few weeks. Compared to traditional leather, mushroom leather exhibits comparable material and tactile properties.

The Art of Sock Enhancement

Anna has also contributed to the improvement of JALAS work socks, set to be released in 2024. These socks, starting with two ankle designs in May, reflect Ejendals' commitment to sustainability. Materials like Tencel modal, known for its comfort and sustainability, play a significant role in the production process. Despite being a higher-cost option, the closed production process ensures minimal impact on the environment. Wool and recycled polyamide further contribute to the eco-friendly approach.

Sculpting Safety's Future

Anna Hedvall's journey at Ejendals is a testament to the intersection of creativity, functionality, and sustainability in safety product design. As the industry evolves, Anna and the development teams remains at the forefront, shaping the future of safety products that not only protect but also captivate the user with thoughtful design and eco-conscious choices.

If you are curious about what TEGERA already has to offer when it comes to more sustainable gloves, please check out The TEGERA Sustainable Glove Range.

75 years of expertise: Ejendals, your premier safety partner

Ejendals celebrates 75 years of safety excellence with its TEGERA ® Safety Gloves and JALAS ® Safety Shoes, integral components of their comprehensive Safety Concept. With a legacy of dedication to enhancing workplace safety, their products stand as evidence of their unwavering commitment. Ejendals ensures the well-being of workers globally, enabling them to return home safely, prepared for life's challenges, and remains steadfast in this mission for the future.