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TEGERA Sustainable Glove Range

Discover the eco-friendly innovation of TEGERA's Sustainable glove range, where sustainability meets hand protection.

On this page, we've gathered our various TEGERA safety and work gloves with enhanced sustainability features, making it easy for you to explore our eco-friendlier options.

To learn more about our work with Sustainable Safety, please click here!

TEGERA Gloves Made with Recycled Polyester

These three TEGERA glove models feature recycled polyester, like TEGERA 863R gloves, which save 28 grams of CO2 per pair compared to virgin polyester gloves, equivalent to one 500 ml PET bottle. Our innovative nitrile foam-dipping process also reduces water consumption during manufacturing by 30% compared to the standard method.


We are happy to share the results of our intensified work to reduce the CO2 footprint and use of water in the production of these TEGERA winter lined safety gloves.