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Does a CEO really need to care about what shoes and gloves the company's employees wear?

Take part of useful insights when Ejendals protective equipment specialists talk about how, by putting personal protective equipment in a larger context, we contribute to fewer injuries, higher productivity, and lower costs for your company.

Selling safety shoes and gloves is one thing. Ensuring that the products do the right job, at the right cost and with minimal environmental impact is another. 
It is just like in the kitchen - some chefs succeed better than others even when everyone has the same ingredients. The secret is in the recipe, and in the touch.
At Ejendals, the raw materials are protective gloves and safety shoes. The recipe is called Safety Concept. And the touch - is in a large organization with experienced and dedicated specialists in creating a world with fewer work-related injuries. Ejendals has been around for 70 years and we develop and manufactures premium products in personal protective equipment - Tegera safety gloves and Jalas safety shoes.

Zero injuries to hands and feet

42% of all occupational injuries (according to the Swedish Work Environment Authority) affect the hands and feet. Ejendals specializes in preventing these injuries with the right protective equipment and that formulates our vision: Zero injuries to hands and feet for the benefit of employees, companies, and society.
But for the vision to become a reality, we have gone one step further than just delivering gloves and shoes. We have created a method and a service package that gives your company better productivity, lower costs, less environmental impact but above all less personal injury and less human suffering among employees.

The service package is called Ejendals Safety Concept and offers its large customers 5 clear simple steps to a better safety solution.
The method is circular, and the idea is that improvements should be constantly ongoing. Let us step into the model "2 o'clock".

Safety assessments are the base of Ejendals Safety Concept

Companies have a legal obligation to carry out risk analyzes and assessments regarding safety in the workplace. As a strong support in this work, we conduct hand and foot protection assessments. We go through your company's operations together with you - identifies risks and maps needs. Many different types of gloves and shoes with different protective properties are often needed to cover all requirements.
After the safety assessment, we present a solution to you – the right safety products for the different work areas. Product tests are performed to ensure that the safety solutions meet the needs and make necessary adjustments if necessary. The goal is the best possible protection and safety with regard to sustainability and environmental impact. But also, at the lowest cost and here we applie TCO - Total Cost of Ownership. With this in mind, it is possible to reduce costs without sacrificing safety and quality.
Comfortable hand and foot protection with a good ergonomic design that does not hinder the work is a prerequisite for the protection to work and for the users to wear the gloves and shoes throughout the working day.

Follow-up and feedback, how does it work?

The world is constantly changing. Does everything work as intended? Has your workplace safety improved? Follow-up meetings for adjustments, improvements, or changes to the solutions are necessary. In this phase, it is also checked that everything works with warehousing and deliveries. It is not uncommon for Ejendals to develop new protection products together with customers at this stage.

Ongoing collaboration for continuous improvement

Ejendals safeguards long-term customer relationships. So that the highest level of safety can be ensured. Regular meetings provide opportunities for improvement.

Ejendals Academy for the right knowledge

Ejendals has its own school, Ejendals Academy. Every year, about 200 customers and partners are trained in knowledge about hands and feet and how to best protect them.

Concrete results for many customers

Ejendals has used Safety Concept for a large number of companies and thanks to this, we have well-documented statistics and results. Fewer injuries, increased productivity in combination with a smaller environmental impact are the effects achieved.

By putting protective gloves and safety shoes in a larger context, we can save a lot of money for our clients," says Mattias Fältman, Key Account Manager at Ejendals and one of those who work with Safety Concept. "But of course, the most important thing is to counteract injuries and suffering. That cannot be measured in money.

Ejendals 5 points for a safe, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly safety solution

  • The better the commitment and focus, the better the results! Make sure company management is involved in improving the safety work.
  • Safety is always most important! Human suffering cannot be valued in money.
    “From acorns grow oak trees”… keep in mind that individual isolated measures may not seem to have any impact on the end result. But together, all measures can create a very good result.
  • Development! We live in a time when all development is taking place at a furious pace. We must be prepared to revise, rethink and think new. Constantly.
  • Communication is the foundation! Tell employees what is being done, why and what effects it is having. Tell the market too. People need communication.