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TEGERA® Work & Safety Gloves

With our deep understanding of materials and ergonomics, TEGERA has turned the technical protective functions of safety gloves and work gloves into a science. We offer a wide range of innovative TEGERA protective gloves that feel great on the hand, provide better protection, and most importantly, allow more people to come home unharmed after a hard day's work.

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The TEGERA ® Story - Safety Gloves that makes a difference

The TEGERA story is as long and compelling as Ejendals’ own heritage. TEGERA has pioneered technology and design within the safety glove industry when the need for safer, more comfortable hand protection was recognized.

With a deep understanding of materials and ergonomics, we turn functional glove technology into a science by creating a range of innovative safety gloves that feel great to wear, offer better protection and, most importantly, send more people home safely after a hard day’s work. 
Comfort and safety associated with a contemporary design have been our trademark from the start. 

Long experience and great passion give TEGERA its strength. Our care for safety at work combined with deep ergonomic and technological knowledge drive us to constantly offer highly innovative and comfortable protection gloves. Our profound and continuous dialogue with the working communities is key to meeting the emerging needs of the future of hand safety, and to ensure the right safety glove reaches the right person.

We are happy and proud to enable people throughout the world to work with their hands safely and freely in TEGERA style.

TEGERA® Safety Gloves

Designed and developed in Leksand since 1949.