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Enormous development in Safety Gloves

In the last five years, there has been an enormous development in protective gloves. This makes the possibilities far greater than many are aware of.

- We were very surprised that it can be so easy to work with gloves on, says Niels Løvstad (34).

About a year ago, he started wearing work gloves from TEGERA, like the rest of the plumbers in Oslo Rørservice. It was like night and day compared to the gloves they used to wear.
The TEGERA gloves are so comfortable that Niels Løvstad is happy to leave them on, even when he has a coffee break.

- We were used to gloves making it awkward to hold and work with tiny things. Many of the pipe parts we work with are very small. Before, we often had to take off our gloves, but we do not need that now. The TEGERA ® gloves are so soft and fit so tightly that we use them all the time, he says.
According to Løvstad, the gain is at least two:
They avoid the cut injuries that often led to sick leave, and release dry and hard skin in the palms, even if they work in a wet environment all day.
- In addition, we get a better working day.

Much better than before

Many occupational groups lack knowledge about safety gloves, says Torhild Fahle in Ejendals. The technology in safety gloves has made quantum leaps in the last five years, thanks to new materials and production techniques.

Torhild Fahle often gives advice to companies on what kind of safety gloves to choose.
- Before, you could barely bend your fingers in an impact glove with impact protection. Today you get waterproof work gloves with both impact protection and cut resistance - at the same time as they give you both finger sensitivity and good grip for precision work, says Fahle.

Last year the TEGERA ® Infinity collection was released, which has taken the development even further. A very special dip combined with new materials makes the TEGERA Infinity gloves extremely thin, soft and flexible - while providing good protection.
- There is no longer any excuse that it is inconvinient to wear gloves, Fahle states.

Over 300 different safety and work gloves

The selection has also become much larger. TEGERA actually has over 330 different glove models to choose from, and around 20 glove models in the Infinity collection. This allows everyone to find a glove that suits their needs. To make it easier to find the right glove, TEGERA has created color codes on the gloves' suspension. On the TEGERA website, you can also use filters to find gloves that meet your special needs.
- Some people still believe that a glove is a glove. That's not the case. You have to choose gloves according to what you work with and what environment you work in. For many, this means that they may need two or three different protective gloves for different tasks, Fahle explains.
In addition, you must of course make sure that the gloves are the right size, so that it is comfortable to wear them.
There are protective gloves:

Why safety gloves are important

Having good protective gloves - and actually wearing them - is good economics. Almost 40 percent of work injuries that give four days of sick leave or more are due to injuries to the hands and arms. And almost one in three sick leave is due to wounds or the like, according to Eurostat.
- An employee on sick leave for one day costs around 2,500 NOK. Three days will then be 7,500 NOK. You get an incredible number of gloves for that price, says Torhild Fahle.
- It is impossible to say exactly how much sick leave the TEGERA gloves has saved us. But it`s a lot, and we certainly earned the money back. After all, our hands provide our livelihood. If we get a proper cut, we will be on sick leave for a good number of days, says Niels Løvstad.


Find your TEGERA ® Infinity gloves

Proper safety gloves provide better protection than you may have thought possible. Wrong work gloves, on the other hand, poorer protection than most people think.
In addition, the gloves also protect against minor injuries, which do not lead to sick leave but still hinder us at work.
- Many people probably do not think that even small wounds and cuts on the hands affect both the grip and our finger sensitivity. The wounds make us hold things differently, which can put a strain on the fingers and wrists. This in turn slows down and make us less effective, says Fahle.
- Good, old-fashioned work should somehow testify that we have worked and struggled for wages. The price we pay is that we get extra hard skin on our hands and have to use more force to grip around the tool we need at work, she states.