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TEGERA® Infinity Work Gloves

Imagine a safety glove so snug, comfortable, and sensitive that it feels like a second skin. This is the essence of the TEGERA® Infinity Collection from Ejendals of Sweden. Named 'Infinity' to represent its limitless potential, this innovative range offers unparalleled fingertip precision, exceptional grip, luxurious softness, unmatched dexterity, and top-tier protection. Explore the TEGERA® Infinity Collection and experience safety gloves redefined.

TEGERA ® INFINITY for Infinite Possibilities in Safety Gloves

The Dipping Makes the Difference

Looking for soft, comfortable, and safe gloves with excellent grip? Choose the TEGERA ® Infinity collection. Knitted work gloves with advanced dipping technology offer superior performance for various work environments.

Our unique Infinity dipping technology combines state-of-the-art materials with extra-soft and protective fibers, ensuring the knit, dip, and yarn work together for exceptional fingertip control. The dipping, a blend of nitrile and water-based polyurethane (PU), provides excellent flexibility, protection, and fit. Nitrile, a synthetic latex-free rubber, ensures high sensitivity.

Different Dippings for Diverse Needs

The TEGERA ® Infinity collection offers various dipping options: single dipped, double dipped, knuckle and palm dipped, and fully dipped. Choose the right dipping for your job requirements:

Retail Glove Models with Guiding Handtags

Glove models marked with an "R" are retail versions that come with a guiding handtag for easy selection and use.

Oily and Greasy Environments

Our double-dipped technology offers ultra-thin, comfortable work gloves with a reliable liquid barrier and fingertip sensitivity. For complete protection against oil and grease, choose fully dipped gloves.

 TEGERA  ® 8802 and 8802R Infinity  Semi Wet Protection
 TEGERA  ® 8803 and 8803R Infinity  Semi Wet Protection
 TEGERA  ® 8804R Infinity  Wet Protection (fully dipped)

Dry or Moist Environments

Opt for ultra-thin single dipped gloves for dry or moist conditions. Palm-dipped work gloves with super soft nitrile foam provide excellent grip on dry and slightly moist surfaces, ideal for fine assembly work. Knuckle-dipped gloves are perfect for dry environments requiring high finger sensitivity.

TEGERA ® 8800 and 8800R Infinity Dry Grip
 TEGERA ® 8810 and 8801R Infinity Dry Grip

Cut Protection Gloves

Combining comfort with high-level cut resistance, our TEGERA ® Infinity safety gloves feature Infinity dipping and TEGERA ® CRF ® fiber. These gloves are remarkably comfortable and dexterous, offering uncompromising safety.

CRF ® Omni Technology

CRF ® Omni Technology enhances our CRF fibers, creating stronger, thinner, and more flexible gloves for precision work with sharp objects. These gloves are perfect for handling sheet metals, working in paper mills, and metal fabrication in the auto industry, providing a second-skin feel.

TEGERA ® 8815 and 8815R Infinity High Cut Protection F

CRF ® Technology

Ejendals' decades of research and development have led to durable, safe, and tactile work gloves. Our CRF ® (Cut Resistant Fiber) Technology delivers excellent tactile sensitivity and high-performance cut protection for any job.

TEGERA ® 8805 and 8805R Infinity Medium Cut Protection B
 TEGERA ® 8806 and 8806R Infinity Medium Cut Protection B
TEGERA ® 8807 and 8807W Infinity High Cut Protection D
TEGERA ® 8808 Infinity High Cut Protection D
TEGERA ® 8811 Infinity High Cut Protection D
TEGERA ® 8812 Infinity High Cut Protection D
TEGERA ® 8814 Infinity High Cut Protection F

Cold Protection Gloves

Experience the ultimate in comfort and protection with our thin, protective winter work gloves. Designed for all-round tasks in cold and dry to semi-dry environments, these gloves provide warmth without sacrificing flexibility. Enjoy the high dexterity and fingertip sensitivity that is unique to the TEGERA ® Infinity Collection, ensuring you can work comfortably and efficiently in any conditions.

 TEGERA ® 8810 och 8810R Infinity Cold Protection