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Ejendals and Leksands IF uses PORON® XRD®

When we heard that Leksands IF exchanged their hockey protection brand to a brand that, like us, uses PORON® XRD® in their protective equipment, the great idea came up to create a video for the big screen in the center of TEGERA® Arena.

During an ice hockey game, a puck can reach speeds of 160 km / h. That places high demands on the players' protective equipment. Leksands IF hockey protection contains the material PORON ® XRD ®. The same shock-absorbing material that Ejendals uses in JALAS ® protective shoes and TEGERA ® protective gloves. A coincidence? No, it´s simply the best impact protection material on the market.

PORON ® XRD ® is a multi-purpose foam designed for wearable impact protection. It´s molecules instantly react upon impact to form a protective shell around the body, then returns to its resting state. PORON ® XRD ® absorbs up to 90% of impact energy, reducing pressure and shock.


PORON ® XRD padding in gloves, shoes and insoles, protects from external impact, offers unrivalled shock absorption, and provides excellent support to further reduce injuries.


TEGERA Impact protection gloves

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JALAS Exalter with Impact protection

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