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JALAS Shoe Factory in Finland expands production capacity and creates 15 new jobs

Ejendals and JALAS are pleased to announce a significant investment of 2 million euros in a new shoe injection machine to increase the production capacity of JALAS safety shoes by 30 percent.

JALAS, made in Finland, since 1916

The machine has been installed in the Ejendals factory located in Jokipii, Finland, where it has been seamlessly integrated with the existing machinery and tooling, resulting in better flexibility in production planning and capacity levelling. The new equipment is a vital step towards meeting our company's growth plan, as well as providing the opportunity to develop innovative safety shoe products based on the best available technology.

15 new jobs for the local community

As a result of the investment, JALAS is expanding its production capacity, creating new job opportunities for the local community.
We have hired 15 additional employees to support the production increase and ensure a seamless transition into the new technology.


Fruitful partnership

The chosen supplier for the machinery is Stemma S.r.l, Ejendals' long-term partner in shoe injection machinery and product development. The partnership between Ejendals and Stemma S.r.l has been fruitful in the past, resulting in the production of high-quality, reliable safety shoes that meet the needs of the market.

Growing demand for JALAS safety shoes

This investment is expected to have a positive impact on the overall productivity and efficiency of JALAS' manufacturing process, enabling us to meet the growing demand for JALAS safety shoes.
Moreover, it will contribute to the local economy by creating new job opportunities and fostering sustainable growth in the region.

We are very excited about our new production capacity. It gives the opportunity to offer the market further improved protective shoe products and thus get another step closer to Ejendal's vision - Zero injuries to hands and feet.

Juha Pentinmäki
Production and Distribution Manager at JALAS in Jokipii Finland

In this picture you see Juha and another of Ejendals important investements, 1304 solar panels on the roof of our JALAS factory in Jokipii Finland.
Learn more about it here.

The new and unique JALAS ® TIO technology

In 2019, we invested in another machine that we call Stemma 5. This investment enabled us to produce JALAS TIO. We continuously invest in our capacity and technological capabilities. The new machine is particularly important for products that will be launched in 2024 and 2025.

When it comes to our latest product, JALAS TIO, we developed a completely new technology that did not exist on the market.

Juho Järvinen
Product Line Director, Footwear at Ejendals

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TIO stands for Three-In-One

Three unique layers become one superior sole. The manufacturing technique creates micro air bubbles that give long-lasting softness, lightness and good slip resistance.

  1. White layer - Stability to protect back and knees
  2. Yellow layer - Softness for ultimate comfort
  3. Black layer - Slip resistance to walk safely

JALAS® TIO Shoe Collection - WALK ON AIR!

Supersoft and stable all-round safety and work shoes thanks to unique Three-In-One sole. The micro air bubbles in the JALAS ® COMSOFT AIR material brings extraordinary softness. When you walk - you actually walk on air!