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JALAS® Tempus: The Safety Shoe That Looks and Feels Like a Sneaker

JALAS® has developed a line of safety shoes that offer both style and functionality. The JALAS® Tempus Collection combines advanced protection and comfort features with a design that looks and feels like a sneaker.

The fact that a safety shoe looks like a sneaker means several things. First, it means that the shoe is designed with liking and modern fashion preferences in mind, which increases the likelihood of you wearing the safety shoes consistently. This, in turn, leads to better compliance, ensuring that the you are adequately protected while on the job.

Look good, feel amazing!

The JALAS Tempus Collection comes in four different styles. Which one will keep you comfortable while working and enjoying your life?

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The JALAS Tempus Collection is a completely new line of Scandinavian quality safety shoes, developed especially for the European manufacturing industries.

Juho Järvinen, Footwear Product Line Director at Ejendals

Advanced shock-absorbing system

You can wear the same shoe at work and on the way to and from work, eliminating the need for separate pairs of shoes. The JALAS Tempus Safety Shoe Collection also prevents common problems like back and foot pain through its advanced shock-absorbing system, including the use of the high-tech material Poron ® XRD ®.

Protects your body from injuries

The safety shoes are not only functional but also stylish and attractive, preventing discomfort, and disliking. The combination of safety and comfort in the JALAS Tempus safety shoes protects your body from injuries and muscle fatigue, contributing to better quality of life.

Exceptional lightness

Other facts about the JALAS Tempus Collection include its exceptional lightness, advanced shock absorption system, excellent slip resistance, ESD and antistatic certification for ESD protected work environments, and availability in four attractive models.

Functional and stylish

In summary, the fact that a premium safety shoe looks like a sneaker means that you can enjoy the benefits of safety and comfort while also having a shoe that is both functional and stylish.

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