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JALAS TIO: A Carpenter's Comfort and Stability Choice

Comfort and Stability: Mattias Sköldeberg's Testimonial on JALAS TIO, the Innovative Protective Shoe for Carpentry Professionals. Discover the unique features of JALAS TIO, including the revolutionary material, JALAS® ComSoft Air, which serves as the key to the unparalleled comfort offered by these exceptional shoes.

JALAS TIO, a perfect shoe for carpenter Mattias Sköldeberg and his knees, has stood the test of time. "It's almost a shame when the workday is over, and I have to take them off," says Mattias Sköldeberg, one of the first in Sweden to try these shoes when they were initially released. After being on the market for a while, JALAS TIO remains his top choice for comfort and stability.

He has been working as a carpenter for 32 years, currently at Skoglunds Byggservice in Dalarna, a construction company that assists with all kinds of construction projects – new builds, renovations, fine carpentry, and rough carpentry. When we speak with Mattias, he has just come up from the basement floor that he is renovating after water damage.

A commitment to quality

Skoglunds Byggservice, prioritizing professionalism, a commitment to quality, and employee pride, naturally places a strong emphasis on meticulous PPE (personal protective equipment) selection and adhering to the highest quality standards.

Mattias Sköldberg, an early advocate of JALAS TIO shoes, highlights their lasting comfort and stability, underscoring JALAS safety shoes' unwavering commitment to superior quality. His testimonial reflects the exceptional experience of wearing JALAS TIO. Behind the scenes, the dedicated research and innovation department at Ejendals has played a crucial role. The incorporation of the innovative material, JALAS ® ComSoft Air, stands as a testament to their ongoing efforts to enhance the performance and comfort of safety footwear.

"I wear them throughout the workday," says Mattias Sköldeberg. "They feel fantastic, even for my knees. Both because they are comfortable and soft, but also because they are stable.

JALAS® ComSoft Air

JALAS® ComSoft Air is an innovative sole material with micro air bubbles that give the JALAS TIO shoe collection its long-lasting comfort and lightness.

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JALAS COMSOFT Air - Micro air bubbles in the sole

TIO is an abbreviation of "Three In One" and refers to JALAS's new outsole built up of three layers. Through a unique manufacturing technique, microair bubbles are formed inside the sole material, making the shoes very light, soft, and comfortable. This layer is yellow or blue, and the material is called JALAS ComSoft Air . A white layer provides extra stability, crucial for preventing muscle fatigue in the back.

With many years of experience in the profession, Mattias Sköldeberg has encountered some health problems, particularly with aching knees, requiring attention. This is where JALAS TIO proves beneficial, offering a soft and comfortable design that is gentle on both the back and knees.

"Three In One" sole & Tri-panel BOA ®

The JALAS TIO stands out with its "Three In One" sole and the pioneering Tri-panel BOA ® lacing system. Apart from the innovative sole, this protective shoe (PPE) takes a leap forward by introducing the new Tri-panel BOA ® closure. This revolutionary lacing system not only facilitates easy donning and doffing but also ensures a smooth closure.  The three panels adapts to the wearers’s individual foot shape for a perfect and comfortable fit of the shoe. The panels keep the foot firmly on place saving energy when walking and eliminating the risk of blisters.

"I appreciate the convenience of BOA. It's been a long time since I stopped using shoelaces," concludes Mattias, highlighting the superior comfort and practicality of the Tri-panel BOA ® system.

The BOA  ® Fit System delivers micro-adjustable, precision fit engineered to perform in the toughest conditions. To learn more about the BOA ® Fit System, please click here >>