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TEGERA® 806 finalist at GIT Security Award!

A jury with representatives of industry associations, integrators and users has nominated TEGERA® 806 to be among the finalists for GIT Security Award 2023.

GIT Security Award is a prestigious competition organized by the German magazine for safety and security – GIT Security.

A readers and users vote will decide which ones of the nominated products will be the first, second and third final winners and TEGERA ® 806 are nominated in the category B – Occupational Safety and Health & Explosion Protection (B).

TEGERA ® 806 is a very thin and comfortable ESD liner glove with cut resistance level C using TEGERA ® CRF ® Technology fibre. It is suitable for ESD-protected work areas where maximum dexterity in combination with cut protection is needed.

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And of course; VOTE!
Voting starts at May 15th on www.security-award.com and will be open until August 15th.


TEGERA ESD and ATEX protective gloves TEGERA® presents one of the markets widest ranges of ESD and ATEX protective gloves.

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