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TEGERA Cut protection tips - Halloween Edition

If there is a holiday when real cut injuries increases, it must be during Halloween. Making Halloween pumpkins can be hard work and accidental cuts are common. To learn about how to protect your hands from sharp things, read on!

Cut-protection gloves are graded on a scale from A to F, with F being the highest level of protection. In recent years, we have been working hard on the development of new cut-protection materials, and have identified solutions that go beyond level F cut protection.

TEGERA CRF Omni Technology is one of those materials and was developed to reflect the demands of people who work with precision and seriously sharp objects on a daily basis.


  • Very high cut protection (F)
  • High fingertip sensitivity
  • Superb flexibility, softnes and thinness and is therefore ideal for precision work
  • Excellent grip
  • High breathability to keep your hands feeling dry and comfortable

Ejendals Halloween pumpkin safety guide

Step by step guide to a cut free Halloween pumpkin experience.

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TEGERA 8815, with CRF Omni technology,are super soft and designed for handling extremely sharp objects.

  • Unique Infinity dipping technique for extra softness and flexibility
  • Highest level of cut resistance (F)
  • Made from 18gg CRF ® Omni Technology fiber
  • Foam grip pattern for good grip
  • Withstand contact heat up to 100°C
  • Carefully tested and approved for food handling
  • Skin-friendly and DMF-free

Hands of ice!

By now you probably got the message that TEGERA cut protection gloves will keep your hands safe this Halloween. But there are more uses for gloves on Halloween. If you fill TEGERA disposable gloves with water and put them in the freezer you get scary ice hands to keep your Halloween punch chilled.

Extra spooky

To make the ice hands extra spooky, add food color to the water in the gloves. Maybe even put some plastic spiders or plastic eye balls inside the gloves as well.

4 pairs of good news!

Soon four more TEGERA glove models will be available. Right now we can´t say much, but we can tell you that the gloves will be extremely thin gloves for unlimited dexterity. Combined with the highest cut protection. All thanks to our most advanced cut resistant technology ever, TEGERA CRF ® Omni Technology.


Find out more about TEGERA CRF® Omni Technology.

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