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The professional’s choice: the best safety footwear and gloves for challenging conditions

Cold. Slippery. Wet. When doing work under demanding winter conditions, you need the best footwear and gloves. Professionals know what they want: winter footwear that keeps your feet warm and dry in all weather, and safety gloves that don't freeze your fingers and eliminate the fear of cut injuries as well.

A lot is demanded of good winter equipment, whether you’re a professional or active amateur. For at least one-third of the year, it's freezing outside in the Nordic countries — sometimes just a few degrees of frost, but up to 30 minus degrees at most – not to mention wind, slush, ice and often water on top.

What is the best safety footwear?

For demanding conditions, the best safety footwear is waterproof safety boots suitable for both wet and cold winter weather. The shoe upper of the Jalas Heavy Duty 1398 Winter GTX is made of leather and technical textiles, and they protect and support the foot under all kinds of conditions. GORE-TEX lining and very warm fur lining keep your feet dry and warm. Thanks to the breathable surface material, your feet do not perspire and therefore stay dry inside the shoes, too.

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Developed in Jokipii, Finland

‘We listened carefully to our customers and asked them what the perfect winter footwear would be like. The latest Jalas safety footwear is a premium model, and it’s been developed in the village of Jokipii with all the know-how we’ve accumulated over the decades,’ says Juho Järvinen, Director of the footwear product line at Ejendals.

Good safety shoes are easy to put on, but at the same time they support the foot snugly and ergonomically, like Jalas Heavy Duty 1398 Winter GTX footwear does.
Users hope that the best winter shoes will be warm and easy to put on. The ideal fastening system is a fast and optimally adjustable BOA ® roller. ‘In this model, two separate Boa fastening mechanisms enable perfect adjustability and a perfect fit for the foot as well as the lower leg to suit your foot and working position,’ Mr Järvinen points out.
Under slippery conditions, a lot is demanded of footwear with regard to the grip properties of the sole. The Vibram ® Arctic Grip Pro outsole is sure to hold well on wet ice, snow and other slippery surfaces.

What kind of gloves for construction sites?

When working outdoors in the winter, the hands are subject to cold and, depending on the work tasks, to various possible accidents as well. Frostbite and cut injuries are best prevented by using the right gloves.

‘The prevention of accidents at work is a common goal for everyone, and a lot of progress has been achieved in terms of attitudes as well. It’s essential that the best model for each job is always chosen when it comes to work gloves,’ Petri Mäkinen, Key Account Manager at Ejendals, emphasises.

Tegera gloves have been developed for Nordic conditions to withstand a wide range of weather, in addition to protecting hands in challenging work tasks. Under cold conditions, gloves must be warm and resistant to snow and rain. At the same time, they need to breathe to keep hands dry and warm. In many cases, protection against cuts caused by sharp objects is also needed. Even so, gloves must be soft and pliable so that all work tasks go smoothly while wearing them. Tegera's waterproof gloves follow the hand, and 360-degree cut protection shields hands from sharp cuts.

Winter cut protection gloves

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Works on touch screens

These gloves can also be worn while operating a touch screen, so you can use smart devices successfully with your gloves on as well.

Tegera's product development is continuous, and new materials are constantly being tested. In personal protection, you should neither overprotect nor underprotect. Rather, you should assess the risks correctly and choose the right glove from a wide product range, Petri Mäkinen advises.

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