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Products recommendations for plumbers

Under the kitchen-sink, down under the floor, up in the ceiling… pipes for water and sewage are never located where it is convenient to work with them. This means that being a plumber is a job with many uncomfortable and non-ergonomic work positions.

Non-ergonomic work positions puts extra demands on your safety equipment and especially on your work shoes. Make sure to choose safety shoes with the BOA fastening system, then there will be no pressure points on the foot when, for example, you work while kneeling. We have several safety shoes with BOA, as you can see below.
To avoid cut injuries on your hands, we recommend that you wear dexterious cut protection gloves.

Footwear for plumbers


Safety shoes that have been engineered for your longest, most demanding workdays. For environments and jobs that require superior protective features, and the very best ergonomics and comfort.

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The Zenit collection provides excellent comfort and industry leading impact absorption thanks to its unique shock-absorbing system, FX2. The outer sole is made from RPU. Its unique structure provides a surface with a large number of small suction cups, providing excellent grip in slippery and wet environments.

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Safety gloves for plumbers

TEGERA cut protection gloves

As a plumber, you work with sharp tools that can cause cuts and injuries. Wearing cut protection gloves made of strong and flexible materials like CRF Omni or Dyneema can prevent these injuries and improve your grip on tools and materials. These gloves also protect against punctures, abrasions, and chemicals, making them an essential safety measure for all types of plumbing work.

Further product recommendations

For further product recommendations, please contact us. We are here to help!