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Product recommendations for the building and construction professions

High quality safety gloves and safety shoes for all professions and special needs in the building and construction industry.

Old craft traditions meets modern safety products

We travel both fast and slow. Few industries have as many old craft traditions still alive as the construction industry. Traditions that are thousands of years old. While tools, equipment and construction technology are developing at a furious pace. That's where we are now. Both in the old and new. 
We keep this fact in mind when we develop safety gloves and safety shoes, for all professions in the construction sector. In our range you will find safety gloves that are perfect for those who use classic hand tools as well as modern, high tech tools.
Many people ask why we don't have a single work shoe or safety glove that fits all tasks on the construction site. This is where we differ from many others. Our view is that personal protective equipment must never be "approximately right" for the purpose. It must be exactly right. Only then will you get the right protection.

Please note! More subpages coming soon. We add more proffessions continuously.