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Product recommendations for tilers

Do you want to know how a tiler feels at work? Get down on your knees, stay there for long parts of your workday and handle hazardous chemicals.

Having a sense of color and shape is good when you cover walls and floors with tiles. But apart from being artistic, being a tiler is a tough job.
One out of five tilers have been on sick leave because of the job. A major work environment problem is heavy lifting. Almost half of the tilers feel that it is the biggest problem on the construction site, followed by problems with uncomfortable working positions.
Feet and knees are particularly vulnerable. We recommend shoes with BOA to avoid creating unnecessary pressure points on the feet.
When it comes to hands, few on the construction site handle such dangerous chemicals as the tiler. Both joint compound and grout are corrosive and irritating to the skin. The work wears on the hands. The right glove for the job is a must! Let us guide you.

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