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Product recommendations for ventilation technicians

As a ventilation technician, you are the person on the construction site who perhaps contributes the most to other people's good health. Let us contribute to yours, by making sure you have the right personal protective equipment.

Fresh air is the foundation of good health and thank you for helping the rest of us to access it. We know that being a ventilation technician is a physically demanding job. It is important to stay in shape, in terms of fitness, strength and coordination. Some work movements are particularly strenuous, for example bottom-up work, when you work with your hands above your head, work in a lying position or work where you must bend forward for a long time.
Recovery is important. At the same time, the right protective equipment, especially shoes, can help prevent physical problems. Below, we have selected some examples that suit you as a ventilation technician.

Imagine the combination - TEGERA CRF ® Omni Cut Protection Gloves

Extremely thin gloves for unlimited dexterity - combined with the highest cut protection. All thanks to our most advanced cut resistant technology ever, CRF ® Omni.

TEGERA PRO and JALAS Zenit Evo - a great combo!

TEGERA PRO are our most popular safety gloves. A collection created in close collaboration with professionals. Every detail is the result of years of research and development with placing the greatest emphasis on comfort, safety, and ergonomics.

JALAS Zenit EVO combines a new lightweight sporty design, ergonomic fit, and seamless breathability with the kind of protection you would expect from JALAS. The stretchable and seamless knitted upper adjusts to the foot, making it very comfortable and flexible when walking. The insole is highly breathable and ventilating to keep feet cool.

TEGERA Infinity Cut Protection Gloves

TEGERA Infinity is one of our best selling glove collections thanks to its fingertip precision, softness and flexibility.

Infinity cut protection gloves

Ventilating safety shoes for ventilation technicians

JALAS EXALTER have been engineered for your longest, most demanding workdays. Innovative mesh-covered ventilation slots and breathable polyester lining ensure great breathability to keep the foot dry, cool and comfortable all day long.