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Product recommendations - HORECA

The need for safety gloves and safety shoes within hotels, restaurants and catering (HORECA) varies a lot. But a common factor is that you need shoes that support your feet and body during long and hectic shifts. High quality, cleanliness and good service are key factors in your line of work as well as ours. You look after your guests, and we look after you.

Good news for hard working feet

An average work day is full of potential hazards, and even smaller strains can have long-term effects on health and well being. That’s why it’s important to chose a work shoe that is certified to protect your back. JALAS offers a wide range of safety shoes and occupational shoes.

The right glove for the job

Our view is that safety gloves must never be "approximately right" for the purpose. It must be exactly right. Only then will you get the right protection. There are hundreds of TEGERA safety gloves, these are a selection of the ones we think is a perfect match for you.

Disposable gloves for handling food & cleaning tables

More disposable glove options

For further disposable glove models we recommend that you look at:
Products recommendations for food handling
Disposable gloves product page

Gloves for house-keeping, cleaning & room service (wet & dry)

Have a great day, every day!

The right safety equipment makes your workdays a whole lot better.
Ejendals product development is continuous, and new materials are constantly being tested. In personal protection, you should neither overprotect nor underprotect. Rather, you should assess the risks correctly and choose the right glove from a wide product range.

The gloves used in the picture are TEGERA 8190. The shoes are JALAS 5002 and you find more information about them below.

Footwear for restaurants & kitchens

Safety shoes for kitchens

We offer several safety shoe models suitable for kitchens. The shoes in the picture are JALAS White 3520. You find more safety shoe options on the Food handling industry page.

Accidents happens every day

42% of all occupational injuries affect the hands and feet. Ejendals specializes in preventing these injuries with the right protective equipment and that formulates our vision: Zero injuries to hands and feet!

Footwear for housekeeping, serving & reception

Look smart in JALAS VIP!

You find JALAS VIP 2112 Ronald and more nice looking VIP shoe models on the JALAS VIP Shoe Collection page.

Sporty look with JALAS SpOcs

Sporty look and feel, that goes great with a uniform. The JALAS SpOc collection is developed especially for the service sector and offer many different models. Some with the Boa ® Fit System placed on the shoe tongue. Check out the JALAS SpOc Collection.