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JALAS® Street Shoe Collection

Sneaker-style footwear with protective qualities.

JALAS ® STREET are sporty and lightweight safety shoes developed for light building work, light and clean industrial manufacturing and maintenance as well as work within warehouses or logistics.

RPU sole for the ultimate in grip. The mid-cut model gives extra protection and supports the ankles.


The JALAS ® RPU Technology outsole is made with a unique structure of miniature suction cups, providing excellent grip and durability. Its specially designed tread pattern ensures superior traction on various surfaces, making it a reliable and safe choice for many different work environments.


As the sole wears down over time, new suction cups open up, maintaining the shoe's excellent grip.


The protective features of the shoe are carefully designed for optimal performance. The aluminum toe cap is not only lightweight but also ensures a well-balanced shoe, minimizing any discomfort or strain on the feet. The toe cap provides protection from heavy falling objects, ensuring your safety in hazardous work environments.
The nail penetration insert is made of a soft and flexible textile material that provides excellent protection against sharp objects on the ground.


JALAS Street safety shoes are designed for comfort, featuring a split leather upper that is flexible and molds to the shape of your feet. The shoes have laces with metal loops for easy tightening.
Soft and stable midsole. The FX2 Pro-X insole contains two zones of shock-absorbing PORON ® XRD ® material.
Additionally, the mid-cut version has a shaft lined with soft Cordura-covered foam, providing comfort and ankle support.