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Avoid hand injuries with Safety Gloves

Tegera ® Safety Gloves are built to the tackle the dangers of your working environment

Injuries to hands, fingers and wrists can profoundly affect your life and recovery can often take a long time. With the correct hand protection, you can minimise many potential injury risks in the workplace.

Always wear gloves that properly fit your hands and are built to the tackle the dangers of your working environment.


Working with vibrating machines and tools can cause long term vibration damage to hands and wrists. The damage generally occurs gradually and can become incurable. Those who work with high-vibration tools often also experience problems with neck and shoulder pain that radiates down into the arm and hand. Pain in the shoulders and elbows is also common.

Anti-vibration gloves are an effective way to counter the risks when working with vibrating machines and tools – prevention is better than cure.


A hypersensitivity reaction is an inappropriate or exaggerated immune response to an antigen or an allergen that most other can tolerate.

Allergy is an acquired hypersensitivity to a substance. Some occupational groups are more exposed to substances that can cause hypersensitivity and allergies.

With the right protective gloves, hypersensitivity or allergic reactions through direct skin contact can be prevented or alleviated.


When air temperature drops below 10° C, the risk of cold-induced injuries becomes very real. Add wind and humidity to the mix, and the danger increases dramatically.

Direct contact with cold surfaces cools the hand considerably. Particularly vulnerable are people who work in the cold outdoors, but also indoors, for example in the food industry with freezing storage rooms. 
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Compression injuries occur when the tissue and bones of the hands and fingers are subjected to mechanical overload.

A crush injury often occurs when a hand gets stuck in moving machine parts. If you work with moving machine parts, it is extra important to choose a glove that is the right size and preferably a less durable material, so the glove can break easily if you get stuck.


When handling parts or tools with sharp edges, it is easy to suffer cuts. Unprotected edges on cutting machine and hand tools also pose a great risk, therefore adequate cut protection suited to the risks of your workplace are paramount to safety and productivity.

Impact Protection Gloves

PORON® XRD padding protects your hands from external impact. The unique material feels remarkably soft until exposed to pressure or impact; at which time it hardens to protect the foot or hand from external injury.

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Wrist Protection Gloves

Our wrist-supporting gloves are designed for those who need wrist support in combination with mobility and tactile sensitivity. The wrist support stabilises the wrist and helps to keep the wrists as straight as possible. This is crucial for how long you can work without getting tired or risking long-term injuries. Have a look at the following gloves: 9190, 9195, 9183, 9196 and 9295. You find them in our PRO Collection.

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