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TEGERA Gloves - Size Guide

Size guides for TEGERA safety- and work gloves.

Welcome to The TEGERA Size Guide! TEGERA safety gloves are ergonomic and will provide you with ample hand protection, no matter the task. However, it is crucial to select the correct size. Discover why below.

Glove size Hand meassurement
Circumference in mm. Length in mm.
4 101 <160
5 127 <160
6 152 160
7 178 171
8 203 182
9 229 192
10 254 204
11 279 215
12 304 >215
13 329 >215

How to get the right size

  1. Measure the circumference of the hand from the thumb crease and around the lower part of the little finger.
  2. Measure the length from the tip of the middle finger to the large fold of skin where the wrist meets the hand.

The right size reduces risks

If your glove is too long, it can become caught in moving parts, taking your hand with it.

Gloves that are too small restrict blood circulation and gloves with large ridges and seams can chafe, affecting both range of movement and fine motor skills.

The freedom to move the fingers, and especially the thumb, is very important to safety as a good range of movement is crucial to the ability to grip.

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