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TEGERA CRF® Technology - Cut Resistant Fibre

Engineered to protect. Tailored for comfort.

Cut protection. It's an essential part of a safe day's work. From knives and sheet metal to wires and pipes, the risks can vary. But they all have one thing in common: a need for superior cut resistance, together with the optimal fit, comfort and dexterity.

TEGERA gloves from Ejendals are the result of decades of research and development combining proven materials with state-of-the-art fiber blends, coatings and ergonomics. All to give you the most durable, safe and tactile work gloves the market has to offer. Our CRF ® (Cut Resistant Fiber) Technology is designed to provide excellent tactile sensitivity, together with the right level of high-performance cut protection for any type of job.

When it comes to designing a complete range of CRF ® safety gloves, cut resistance is just the beginning. Through extensive testing in all imaginable environments, we combine a range of durable materials to ensure long-lasting safety and performance for a wide array of fine motor tasks and working conditions.

  • Perfect shape, fit and dexterity using unique 3D hand mold design
  • Supporting cut fiber adds support and reduces mechanical risks
  • Flexible Lycra ensures bi-directional stretch for excellent movement, comfort and fit
  • Lightweight nylon is lint-free, washable and resistant to abrasion and deformation
  • CRF ® Cut Resistant Fiber protects against cuts, adds durability and eliminates mechanical risks
  • Oil- and abrasion-resistant polyurethane provides good protection and elasticity
  • Binding cuff color helps you find the perfect size for superior movement and handling
  • Lightweight, durable polyester makes the knit lighter while supporting mechanical abrasion resistance

CRF Omni Technology

For seriously sharp objects!

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