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Leather Working Group

Ejendals is committed to supporting responsible leather manufacturing across the globe and that is why we are proud members of Leather Working Group/LWG.

Leather Working Group/LWG is a member-led not-for-profit organization, committed to driving improvement across the global leather supply chain, minimizing the environmental impact of leather production as well as inspiring, educating, and challenging its member companies.
Read more: www.leatherworkinggroup.com

At Ejendals, we currently purchase leather for the TEGERA gloves and JALAS shoes featured on this page exclusively from LWG-certified suppliers. Our commitment lies in continuously broadening our product range by incorporating additional TEGERA glove models sourced from LWG-certified suppliers. Furthermore, for our JALAS shoes, we presently obtain 60% of the leather from LWG-certified suppliers, with ongoing efforts to progressively raise this percentage each year.

By purchasing the gloves and shoes below, you are supporting Leather Working Group certified tanneries.