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All leather TEGERA® safety gloves are made from select leathers for the highest durability and flexibility.

Leather is strong, malleable and flexible, adapting to temperature fluctuations. We also provide chrome-free leather gloves.

Skins, hides and pelts have different properties, depending on what part of the animal from which they come. The Back and shoulder regions produce extra strong leather, while the sides give a softer quality. Before manufacture, the skin is split into two layers. The outer layer is called Grain Leather or ‘Nappa’, whilst the inner is called Split Leather.

GRAIN is durable, soft and flexible. It´s used in 85% of all our leather gloves. Grain is a versatile material and is used in gloves for both heavy to light work.

SPLIT LEATHER has a coarser surface than grain. It is available in many different thicknesses and has heat resistant qualities, making it the ideal material for work gloves where heavier handling and good grip are required. Often used in welding gloves because it insulates and is flexible, despite its thickness.



Cowhide, goat skin, pig skin or ox grain - leathers with different characteristics:

COWHIDE -Very durable and can withstand tough environments. A thick cowhide leather glove is an excellent choice for jobs requiring the handling of hot objects.

GOAT SKIN - Thin, supple and durable. A glove in goatskin is therefore well suited for demanding tasks and work where fingertip sensitivity is important.

PIG SKIN - Excellent for general use. Pig leather breathes and becomes softer and more comfortable the more the glove is used.

OX GRAIN - Specially selected material, usually of a higher quality than cowhide. An ox grain glove is a great choice for heavier work.

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