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20 Years of Excellence - MICROTHAN+®: The Industry's Leading and Longest-Running Synthetic Leather

Our TEGERA gloves feature our proprietary, in-house materials, surpassing natural leather and other synthetics. They offer remarkable thinness, strength, durability, flexibility, and skin-like sensitivity—a testament to our unwavering commitment to safety standards.


MICROTHAN+ ® stands as a testament to TEGERA's two decades of commitment and expertise in the realm of synthetic leather. It's not only the longest-serving but also the industry's finest synthetic leather.

When you spot the MICROTHAN+ ® label on a TEGERA item, you're selecting quality tailored to meet your specific needs. With improved flexibility, extended durability, and an enhanced grip, MICROTHAN+ ® has set a new standard for synthetic leather. It's the dependable choice that consistently exceeds expectations, making it the ideal solution for your unique requirements.