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VIBROTHAN serves as a trusted safeguard, providing exceptional hand protection from vibrations when working with hand-held tools.

Our TEGERA gloves feature our proprietary, in-house materials, surpassing natural leather and other synthetics. They offer remarkable thinness, strength, durability, flexibility, and skin-like sensitivity—a testament to our unwavering commitment to safety standards.


VIBROTHAN is a specially engineered foam material designed to effectively dampen vibrations, providing essential hand protection in settings where vibrations are a constant presence. It has been meticulously developed for use with vibrating machinery and tools.

TEGERA vibration safety gloves effectively shield your hands in situations where vibrations are prevalent, substantially minimizing the impact on your hands. These gloves not only provide exceptional protection but also deliver outstanding comfort and flexibility. When you see the VIBROTHAN label on a TEGERA item, you're choosing tailored quality to provide protection from vibrations while working with hand-held tools.

Prevent injuries!

How to prevent vibration injuries to hands and arms.

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