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Ejendals Summer Challenge

Ejendals’ Benelux and UK sales teams recently had an unforgettable conference in Spain, which combined productive work sessions with the thrilling Ejendals Summer Challenge. Alongside traditional product training and strategic meetings, our teams flew down zip lines, conquered obstacle courses, and engaged in intense team challenges. These activities allowed them to test each other, themselves, and our safety products in action.

In a vibrant blend of sun, fun, and fierce competition, Ejendals’ Benelux and UK sales teams recently went on an unforgettable conference and team-building trip to Malaga, Spain. This sunny locale set the perfect stage for a multifaceted event, which included traditional product training, meetings, and the highlight of the trip, the Ejendals Summer Challenge. Designed to foster camaraderie, encourage friendly rivalry, and put our renowned safety products to the ultimate test, this challenge is a follow-up to this winter's Nordic Winter Challenge in Sweden.

A Spirited Competition

The Summer Challenge was nothing short of exhilarating. Our teams dove into a variety of tasks, each carefully crafted to test both their teamwork skills and the durability of Ejendals’ top-tier safety gear. The teams donned TEGERA safety gloves and JALAS safety shoes, experiencing first-hand the quality and reliability that we promise our customers.

From obstacle courses that demanded agility and coordination to relay races that tested speed and endurance, every activity was a testament to the importance of safety and teamwork. The competition was fierce, but the overarching spirit was one of fun and mutual support.

Watch the Summer Challenge video to see how it went down

Simon and Gert, two fierce team leaders.



At Ejendals, we work hard because we take safety very seriously. All our sales representatives are trained Safety Experts, receiving extensive product training to learn every aspect of our products. But we don't only work hard; as you can see, we play hard too. The Summer Challenge offered a fun way to test our products in action. Here are some of the challenges from the Summer Challenge.

Challenge 1 - TUG OF WAR

In this challenge, the teams try out the exceptional grip of our TEGERA cut & sewn gloves and TEGERA knitted & dipped gloves.

Need gloves with great grip? Check out TEGERA 9125 and TEGERA 863.


The teams face eachother in a beach volleyball game wearing TEGERA impact gloves.

TEGERA impact gloves are slim and flexible and offer impact protection for your upper hands.

Challenge 3 - BOLTS & NUTS

Our teams test the dexterity of TEGERA gloves by seeing which team can complete the challenge of attaching bolts to the nuts in the shortest amount of time.

Need really thin safety gloves with high cut protection? Check out TEGERA 8846 and TEGERA 8845!


Silicant Sealant contains chemicals and can cause allergic reactions. In this challenge the teams tried some of our Chemical protection gloves. High protection and safety!

Challenge 5 - WALK ON AIR

JALAS' latest shoe innovation is JALAS TIO - Walk on Air. The shoe’s sole contains a layer of micro air bubbles, hence the slogan, "walk on air." In this challenge, our team members had to climb up to a zip line and thereafter do a little more than just walk on air. They had to fly!