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Navigating Sustainability for the Future

Navigating Sustainability: A Conversation with Anders Carlsson, CEO of Ejendals, on our ongoing commitment to sustainable practices.

We had the privilege of meeting Anders Carlsson, the CEO of Ejendals, in Leksand, near our company's headquarters, to talk about sustainability for our expanding enterprise. Ejendals is a Swedish family-owned company, that has been dedicated to designing and delivering safety products of the highest standard for generations.

The harsh weather conditions in the Nordic region have served as the catalyst, inspiring Ejendals to craft top-tier Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) capable of withstanding diverse climatic challenges. Nevertheless, rooted in our Nordic heritage and upbringing close to nature, sustainability holds a special place in our hearts, says Anders Carlsson.

Operating in over 30 countries globally, with employees spread across 28 nations, we have a long-term commitment to cultivating a more sustainable operation. We possess a practical understanding of the strengths and weaknesses that naturally exist within the PPE industry, enabling us to identify key opportunities for creating a truly eco-friendly operation.

Anders Carlsson

CEO of Ejendals

Material Choices

Anders Carlsson, underscores that our most impactful opportunity for reducing CO2 emissions lies in a focused emphasis on material choices. By integrating bio-based and recycled materials, we align ourselves with the swift global developments in eco-friendly alternatives. This pragmatic approach not only reinforces our dedication to sustainability but positions us to meet forthcoming EU regulations set to take effect in 2026. This clear focus reflects our commitment to transparency and authentic sustainability practices, deliberately avoiding exaggerations and staying true to our pledge for an environmentally conscious and ethically sound future for the industry.

Chemicals are Equally Important as CO2

While the chemical question is often sidestepped in our industry, we deem it equally significant. Proactively expanding our team, we address the use of permitted yet undesirable chemicals in the manufacturing process and products. The largest challenge concerning chemicals concerns materials supplied by our partners. This proactive stance resonates with our steadfast commitment to sustainability.

People’s Safety is a Core Concern of Ejendals

Ethical considerations, particularly workplace safety, remain of utmost importance. We acknowledge that our customers often outshine our suppliers in this aspect. Actively strengthening our internal safety practices, we consistently work towards encouraging positive developments among our suppliers. Through third-party audits, we ensure accountability and actively share insights on effective risk assessments to minimize work-related incidents.

Genuine Sustainability

In conclusion, at Ejendals, we understand that constructing a sustainable operation is complex and will require time. We remain committed to genuine sustainability practices, navigating the landscape with careful consideration and practicality. Our actions speak authentically, steering clear of greenwashing pitfalls and providing an honest portrayal of our contributions to a more environmentally conscious and ethically sound future for the industry.

Showcasing Our Eco-Friendly Glove Range and Ongoing Sustainability Initiatives

During A+A, the world-leading trade fair for safety and health at work, in October 2023, we had the opportunity to present some upcoming products with a sustainable focus. Among other offerings, we showcased our sustainable range of gloves. Learn more about them here. Please also read more about the sustainability work we have done so far and explore additional products in our assortment.

Photo from Ejendals booth at A + A.