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Product recommendations for carpenters

The construction industry is one of the industries most affected by accidents. And carpentry is one of the most accident-prone professions. Here you will find high quality safety gloves and shoes specially selected for the challenges and risks within your area of work.

The most dangerous thing for you as a carpenter is the thing you hold in your hands

Workplace accidents occur because of lowered attention, performance requirements, tight construction schedules and stress. But by far the most common thing is that you injure yourself on machines and tools, things that you hold in your hands.
42% of all work injuries for a carpenter affect the hands. This makes safety gloves perhaps the most important protection for a carpenter.



TEGERA PRO are our most popular safety gloves. A collection created in close collaboration with professionals. Every detail is the result of years of research and development with placing the greatest emphasis on comfort, safety, and ergonomics.

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TEGERA Cut resistant gloves with Bio-based Dyneema ® Fiber

Enables you to reduce your carbon footprint. Ejendals is the first supplier in Europe to introduce cut resistant gloves made from new bio-based Dyneema ® fibre, reducing the carbon dioxide footprint by up to 90% compared to glove production made with conventional HMPE fibres.

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High-visibility knitted gloves, designed specifically for precision work in dry-to-moist environments. Made from flexible and soft materials, these gloves are incredibly comfortable to wear and provide maximum dexterity for delicate tasks. With touchscreen functionality built-in, you can easily switch between tasks without having to remove the gloves.

But that's not all! Our gloves also feature nitrile foam dipping, which provides ultimate grip even in slippery conditions. You'll feel confident in your ability to handle delicate materials with ease, knowing that your grip is secure.

TEGERA ® Infinity

TEGERA Infinity is a collection of safety gloves so snug, comfortable and sensitive it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a glove at all. Every ounce of our unique new manufacturing technology has gone into creating remarkable fingertip precision, softness, flexibility and protection.

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