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A multi-purpose foam designed for wearable impact protection. It´s molecules instantly react upon impact to form a protective shell around the body, then returns to its resting state.

Working in the oil and gas industry is not for everyone. It takes a special kind of person to maintain focus working long shifts onboard desolate platforms in extreme weather conditions. As an employer in the oil and gas industry, you know that protecting your workers is protecting your greatest asset.

The oil and gas industry see the highest incidences of all occupational hand injuries. Using many different tools, performing hands-on tasks, and working with slippery oil all contribute to the risk of injuries. Injuries can add up to lost time, worker absences, liability expenses, and regulatory fines. But most importantly, injuries can lead to unnecessary pain, decreased worker morale and productivity.

According to the HSE (Health and Safety Executive UK) offshore statistics and regulatory activity report, from 2018, slips, trips or falls on same level surfaces were the most common injury type. They accounted for 25% of all injuries reported. In order to best protect your workers in the oil and gas industry, you need effective and advanced PPE. Ejendals Impact protection products all uses the unique and unrivalled shock absorption material PORON ® XRD ®.

PORON ® XRD padding in gloves, shoes and insoles, protects from external impact, offers unrivalled shock absorption, and provides excellent support to further reduce injuries. The unique material feels remarkably soft until exposed to pressure or impact; at which time it hardens to protect the foot or hand from external injury. PORON ® XRD ® absorbs up to 90% of the impact energy, even though it’s only 4 mm thick. PORON ® XRD ® is the proven choice for repeated impact protection as it maintains 98% of its original performance…hit after hit.
It sounds like magic, but it´s really science.

A new generation of Impact Gloves

TEGERA® Safety Gloves with Poron® XRD®

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JALAS® Safety Shoes

With PORON® XRD padding that protects your feet from external impact.

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Most of JALAS® insoles are made of multilayered functional materials and contain Poron® XRD® for ultimate shock-absorption and to help prevent injuries to foot and back. Learn more about JALAS® insoles

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