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TEGERA Innovations & Technologies

All technologies and materials featured were born out of our passion for safety. They were created from the hearts and minds of Ejendals.

Many of our TEGERA gloves are made with our own innovative materials that, in many respects, surpass the qualities of natural leather and many other synthetic materials. They are thin yet incredibly strong, giving our gloves excellent durability, flexibility and skin-like sensitivity. We’ve created these technologies and materials as a reflection of the high standards of safety we set for ourselves.

Flexible and durable. It provides the excellent grip for which TEGERA ® gloves are renowned. Microthan ® consists of a polyurethane layer with a backing of nylon tricot and is chrome-free.

Flexible and durable, Microthan ®+ has the same properties as Microthan ® but is thicker and has a ribbed surface. The material also provides excellent grip and is chrome-free.

The perfect choice for work and assembly gloves. The material is chromium-free and consists of a composition of soft microfibre (nylon and polyurethane). It breathes and makes the gloves comfortable to work with, even during long work shifts. Macrothan ® is available in different thicknesses. Chrome-free.

A specially designed foam material that dampens vibrations and reduces long-term injury risks as a result.

A specially designed shock-absorbing material that distributes the impact force over a broad area, lessening the effects of sustained impact injuries.

A breathable material that removes excess heat and body moisture while preventing moisture from penetrating inwards. The material is wind and waterproof.

Designed to provide a high fingertip feel and a high level of cut protection. Durable and flexible.

The new CRF(R) Omni Technology enables super soft, super thin and flexible glove with highest cut protection level F.

GripForce technology is a polyurethane laminate placed over the palm of the glove. The laminate is bonded together with the glove material, creating a surface with exceptional grip properties. The result is a glove that provides grip in dry environments, combined with very high wear resistance.

OGT ® Technology provides excellent grip in oily environments. The material's water and oil repellent properties are specially developed for work in slippery, greasy and oily environments.

Research and development

Through continuous product development, comprehensive knowledge of materials and advanced research collaboration, our products always remain on the cutting edge of innovative safety products.

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