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How to reduce the risk of serious injury

Holiday greetings, from Ejendals CEO Anders Carlsson, and his hands on advice how to best reduce the risk of injuries at your workplace.

Helping our customers improving health and safety

Most industrial companies have been working hard in the last decade to improve the health and safety for their employees. This is not only a legal requirement, but also a well working tool to improve the leadership and the performance of an organization.
Leader’s don´t want injuries to happen to their employees, certainly not the serious injuries that will change the life for an individual and his/her family forever. Luckily, a systematic approach to improving safety will both reduce the risk for serious injuries to happen but also lead to better working processes in the company.
We at Ejendals are very pleased to be part of this effort, with the vision to protect the hands and feet of our customers.

Anders Carlsson

CEO of Ejendals


More accidents will happen if you do not work systematically to avoid them

If your workplace doesn’t work with continuous risk assessment, safety routines and sufficient personal protective equipment, accidents will happen. It´s really just math.

The “accident triangle” or “safety pyramid”, is a theory that there is a direct relationship between serious accidents, minor accidents and near misses.
Herbert Heinrich, a pioneer in workplace health and safety, first proposed the relationship in 1931 by determining that if minor accidents are reduced then there will be a corresponding fall in the number of serious accidents. Heinrich proposed a relationship of one major injury accident to 30 minor injury accidents, to 300 no-injury accidents. The relationship is often shown pictorially in the form of a triangle or pyramid.

Ejendals operates at the bottom of the pyramid

Using TEGERA Safety gloves and JALAS Safety shoes eliminates many of the so-called At-Risk Behaviors. As I previously mentioned, more than half of the total workplace injuries involve injuries to hands, wrists, fingers, feet, ankles and toes. So, as you understand, it is not difficult to decimate the number of accidents in your workplace.

Ejendals Safety Concept

Ejendals provides you with more than gloves and shoes. We provide an entire Safety Concept. Designed to make safety top of mind for employers, reduce preventable workplace injuries, creating safer work environments as well as saving time and money.

An important part of Ejendals Safety Concept is the Safety Assessment Service, where we provide on-site visits to support you in assessing the potential dangers and identify what hand and foot protection would best suit your business and reduce long-term PPE costs.

A safe New Year resolution

As we approach the end of 2021, a year that has taught everyone much about safety and wellbeing, we look forward to a safe and healthy 2022. A good New Year resolution for any company is to work towards a safer work environment. Ejendals are here to guide you and help you reach that goal.

Last but not least, I wish you happy holidays and a safe new year.

Anders Carlsson
CEO of Ejendals