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Product recommendations for concrete and foundation service workers

It is early morning and 15 degrees below zero. You arrive at the construction site and your first job is to to pull, drag and carry heavy rebars. What are you wearing on your hands and feet?

For the concrete and foundation worker, every day is a heavyweight match

Concrete and foundation work is one of the heaviest jobs on the construction site and thus also exposed to great risks. Many workers testify, for example, to cutting injuries from pulling, dragging, and carrying heavy rebar. The work is heavy with heavy lifting and 60% of the work is done leaning forward.
The most common accident for a concrete and foundation worker is tripping and falling. In 41% of all accidents, hands, fingers, and feet are injured.
The right safety shoes and safety gloves reduce the risks. Below you will see examples of our best protective equipment for concrete and foundation workers.


Your work is anything but ordinary. That is why we have developed a special JALAS Heavy Duty collection of safety shoes and boots for really tough conditions. Ultra-durable models with a perfect combination of extreme safety features, ergonomic and comfort.

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For concrete services we recommend gloves from the TEGERA PRO collection. TEGERA PRO are our most popular safety gloves. A collection created in close collaboration with professionals.
We also recommend the TEGERA Infinity collection. TEGERA  Infinity is a safety glove so snug, comfortable and sensitive it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a glove at all.
For the chillier seasons we recommend the TEGERA Winter Cut selection.