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Product recommendations for electricians

Dexterity, dexterity, and dexterity. The three most important factors when the electrician chooses gloves.

No one on the construction site works with such small things as you as an electrician does. We keep that in mind when we are making gloves for you.
We have a large range of thin gloves, with or without cut protection, ESD, touchscreen, and other functions. Common to our range of gloves for electricians is dexterity combined with the right kind of protection.
The safety shoes should be stable, provide support, be comfortable and fit the foot. And keep in mind that if you work a lot while kneeling, shoes with BOA are preferable. Then there will be no pressure points on the feet. Shoes with nail tread protection and toe caps are an industry requirement.


The TEGERA Infinity collection is a range of safety gloves that are so snug, comfortable and sensitive it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a glove at all. Perfect for when working with electrical installations.
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JALAS Exalter safety shoes have been engineered for your longest, most demanding workdays. For environments and jobs that require superior protective features, and the very best ergonomics and comfort.

The Exalter collection have been loved and trusted for years. We keep updating, adding feautures and new Exalter models. The latest being three new models with GORE-TEX.

Check out the entire EXALTER collection here.


The JALAS Zenit collection provides excellent comfort and industry leading impact absorption thanks to its unique shock-absorbing system, FX2.

The outer sole is made from RPU. Its unique structure provides a surface with a large number of small suction cups, providing excellent grip in slippery and wet environments. 

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