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Product recommendations for painters

Do you also prefer white gloves, shoes, and clothes? Most painters do and you may have wondered why? Especially as painters nowadays paint with all the colors of the rainbow.

Therefore, painters prefer white gloves and shoes

henry-perks-dw5fYCa8kFs-unsplash.jpgThe answer is in the history book. White became standard in the 19th century. Many color shades that we are used to now were not available for use then. White was practically the only color available for painting the interiors and exteriors of buildings at that time.
The idea of white gloves, shoes and clothes was that spills would not be visible. Then the painter looked professional and showed the customers an ability to do the job without spilling. Dark clothing would draw attention to any splashes of white. In addition, most other materials that a painter uses in the job are white: sealant, putty, plaster, and more.

The tradition of white clothing still lives on today and this is also seen in our wide range of protective gloves and safety shoes for painters. We also know that painters need thin gloves to maintain their dexterity. And stable shoes that work on construction sites and ladders.

White safety shoes

JALAS ® TIO Shoe Collection - WALK ON AIR!

Supersoft and stable all-round safety and work shoes thanks to unique Three-In-One sole. The micro air bubbles in the JALAS  ® COMSOFT AIR   material brings extraordinary softness. When you walk - you actually walk on air!

The new JALAS TIO Technology enables us to produce really soft and stable safety shoes for all-round purpose, that can withstand long working days without causing fatigue and pain.

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White gloves

The perfect glove collection for painters

The TEGERA Infinity Collection offers fingertip precision, softness, flexibility and protection. Every ounce of our unique new manufacturing technology has gone into making a glove suited for whatever work challenge you face.

TEGERA Infinity 8815 is unique. It combines the highest level of cut protection and comfort thanks to the CRF Omni technology. Designed especially for people who work with precision and seriously sharp objects on a daily basis.

We’ve made it easier than ever to match your protective glove with your specific needs. Just check the color-coded tag and you’re on your way! 

 TEGERA  ® 8801R Infinity  Dry Grip - High fingertip sensitivity. Suitable for precision work.
 TEGERA  ® 8803R Infinity  Semi Wet Protection - Knuckle dipped. Suitable for wet / oily environments. 
 TEGERA  ® 8804R Infinity  Wet Protection - Fully dipped. Suitable for wet / oily environments.
 TEGERA  ® 8805R Infinity  Medium Cut Protection B - Precision work. Works on touch screens.
 TEGERA  ® 8807R Infinity  High Cut Protection D - Suitable for all-round work.
 TEGERA  ® 8810R Infinity  Cold Protection - Suitable for all-round work.

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